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bibliometric study of select open access journals

Не прочь купить bibliometric study of select open access journals по доступной цене? У нас доступно заказать bibliometric study of select open access journals, цена которого изменяется в диапазоне с 3393 достигая предела в 8496 рублей. Список товаров предоставлен: ozon.ru.

The internet has become the global publishing platform, for open access Journals covering a wide range of subject areas. Library and Information Science is no exception, and now we find a significant portion of its literature appearing in open access journals. The present study is however focused on Bibliometric study of select open access journals in the field of Library & Information Science, from 2004-2008. The scope of the study is confined to the bibliometric analysis of “Ariadne, Information Research: an international electronic journal, E-JASL: The Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship, and Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management”, from 2004-2008. Chapter I gives an introduction, objectives, scope and the methodology adopted for the research work. Chapter II gives the historical background of bibliometrics including characteristics & Laws. It also provides an introduction of Open access Journals Selected for the study. Chapter III reviews various studies already conducted on the concerned subject and provides first hand information about results and conclusions drawn. Chapter IV deals with the data analysis and the results are revealed in the form of