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explaining the history of american foreign relations

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“A History of the Uganda-USA Relations" analyzes the nature and progress of the interactions between the Nation-State of the USA and the Nation-State of Uganda over the period of forty years (1962-2002). The book identifies a problem in the national character and racial attitudes of the two countries,the USA and Uganda, at the start of the relationship and discusses how this problem affected or was reflected in the subsequent interactions between them. The book urgues that the differences in national power capability and historical experience of the state, which also determined the national interests of the USA and Uganda, defined the nature of behavior of the two countries in the international system and towards one another. The relations between the two, during the period 1962-2002, were uneasy and divergent, in line with the realism theory of international relations. The divergence has been identified in ideology, racial attitudes, core national interests and the scope and focus of foreign policy.