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method and meaning in polls and surveys

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The number of patients with fibromyalgia is increasing in primary care.During 2 years of working and studing with this patients the author feels the need not only to understand and analize the results of therapy but to understand the phenomenon of fibromyalgia;not only from a pathofisiological perspective but from a psychological, social, cultural and existential perspective.Basic body awareness therapy is a physiotherapeutic holistic method with humanistic principles based on self-exploration and sel-experience with movement quality as core concept.It will be a group therapy and we will see the concept of salutogenesis and sense of coherence.It will be a quantitative designed assessment and a qualitative method of analalysis.But as we read the book we may find a different understanding of what fibromialgia could be.This book should interest all professionals interested in fibromialgia, health,holistic approaches,physical therapy,body therapists.Also to persons suffering from fibromyalgia and their families. Bodily experiences lead to mental processes that can lead to own life?s awareness.Understanding is empowering,an important step for health.This book aims to empower all of us.